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GPL still matters

Today morning I came across this piece of writing - Does GPL still matter?. The whole article is based on a few anecdotes from CEOs and marketing droids. They have gotten quite a few points wrong in the article.

GPL is a developer friendly license. The basic premise of the GPL is that the user should not subtract from the freedom he gets when redistributing software. GPL is not restrictive. It merely insists that whoever takes from the common pool must contribute back to the pool.

I would like to point to these 2 articles in support of GPL -

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    • Posted byKate
    • on
    They say that GPL limits developers ability to make money and that there are better alternatives... I wonder how much truth is in those words and how many corporations politics. I don't believe that officials are claiming their real thoughts and needs. I think that everything is connected with the bigger picture of their "mother-corporation".
    • Posted byJack
    • on
    There is something wrong with the link you gave - it shows no active site.
    About GPL... Every system has it own limits and there is no possibility of making everything with just one click. Thinking of mother corporation that is using everything for own business is just another conspiracy theory.

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