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interesting meetup on July 14

I attended the Hackers and Founders meetup yesterday. It was a high energy meetup and I liked it. When I walked in, I was already 2 hours late but there were still quite a few people around. I walked in, took a name tag and tried to "merge in". Merging was easy - the folks were friendly and did not mind if you joined the discussion.

Some observations

  • I did not have a good answer for "what are you working on right now" :-) . This made me realize that from a technology perspective, I have not worked on anything interesting for some time now. I have tinkered with a few things in the past 6 months (man!), but have not really done a deep dive on any of them.
  • There was a focus on programming language in the group. I am not sure if the choice of a programming language is really a big deal when creating a webapp. Rails, PHP, Python, Perl, Java - all have a good web framework. One of the arguments was that it would be difficult to organize PHP code in a coherent manner. In my opinion, that is a matter of discipline instead of language.
  • I did not find people thinking of totally different ideas. Or maybe, the folks were not telling those ideas :-) . The ideas floated around ads, community, social networking, websites etc.
  • I am not a unique case when it comes to the case of creating a startup. A few folks there had a regular job and were planning on side projects.
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    If you have worked on few different ideas you have no reason to feel that you are not working on anything important lately. I'm sure that soon you will dig deep into those ideas and next time you'll came up with some potential smash hits that will rattle their cages ;-)

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