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7 things

Thanks to Lig for tagging me. 7 things you may or may not know about me:

  • I started a company, along with my friends, after I passed out of college. We just made one sale. Our project was made using mysql-3.x and VB. The implications here are - I have worked on VB, I know how to make mysql & VB work together and I know how to generate nice reports with the VB report generator.
  • I have worked in Goa. In my opinion, Goa is the best place in India that I have ever stayed in.
  • I used to own a Bullet 350 CC motorcycle. It is a great piece of machinery and in fact, it is the only vehicle which I DON'T consider to be a part of the "Get-me-from-point-A-to-B" class
  • spo0nman referred my name to Yahoo! and he gave me the boost of confidence when I was unsure if I am good enough to be even interviewed by them.
  • When I joined Yahoo!, I had to move from Delhi to Bangalore. However, the truck transporting my household stuff was burnt on its way to Bangalore. I had to start with a clean slate.
  • I had to clear many hurdles to get married. It was a constant 2 year struggle with my family, my wife's family and random circumstances. However, the end result was well worth the struggle.
  • I sometimes cry at movies and I find those sort of movies emotionally draining.
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