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using google api from PHP

Now available for your downloading pleasure, is my GoogleSoap class. have you eveer felt the sudden need to use the Google's web APIs through PHP ? Worry not as help is at hand. You can use the GoogleSoap class to make your job easier. I have put the code and related documentation/examples in the public domain, so you can hack it up further. Some rudimentary instructions are included in the README file, I will add more to it as and when time permits me. Any additions/suggestions are always welcome.

Get the code here

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    • Posted byRohit Kumar
    • on
    Hi, its related to google api, i have been trying to get the
    licence ey for about 15 days now, it seems google have silently
    stopped giving away more licence key. i was wondering if there is anyother way of getting the key... could anyone 'lend' me the key?
  1. I see that you have a gmail account. Use your gmail email ID and password to sign into the google account . They will send you an api key. I do not think they have stopped giving out api keys.

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