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My wiki

I have been experimenting with a few wikis for my site. A great place to look for your wiki needs is the Wiki Engines page on the WikiWik (which incidentally was the first wiki). I have settled for Pmwiki, which you can see here. My reasons for choosing the Pmwiki are

  • Written in PHP and released under GPL
  • Does not need a database backend to run
  • Easy to understand documentation
  • Customizations are in a separate configuration file
  • InterMap capabilities to provide links to other WikiWikiWeb systems
  • Ability to organize pages into WikiGroups, with headers and access controls shared among all pages in the group

Link to my wiki

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  1. However, I like the interface of Wikipedia more :-)
  2. ur wiki is a little slower than ur other pages...
  3. Yes I agree, wikipedia has a more intutive interface. But it is a AK47 of wiki engines and I just needed a small pocket knife for my personal use :-) .

    The wiki uses files (rather than a database as quite a few wikis do) to store its pages. I might have been updating some pages while you were reading it.

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