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BMW drivers

A police officer arrives on the scene of an accident in which a BMW traveling at high speed lost control and crashed in to a guard rail along the median. The car obviously ground along the guard rail for quite a distance because the driver's side of the car was just annihilated and the driver's left arm must have been hanging out of the window during the crash, because it was severed at the elbow! As the officer approached he could hear the driver in shock, repeating, "Oh, my God - My Bimmer! Oh, my God, my poor Bimmer."
"Hey, buddy, I think you've got bigger problems that your car! Take a look at your left arm!"
The driver looks down at his severed arm, his eyes get as big as saucers and he yells, "OH MY GOD, MY ROLEX!"

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Thoughtstream 2013-08-13

On hipsters

The difference between a hipster and a geek

This is the major difference between a hipster and a geek: When a hipster sees someone else grooving on the thing they love, their reaction is to say “Oh, crap, now the wrong people like the thing I love.” When a geek sees someone else grooving on the thing they love, their reaction is to say “ZOMG YOU LOVE WHAT I LOVE COME WITH ME AND LET US LOVE IT TOGETHER.”

Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1 has a line that precisely captures what I think about obsessively posting pictures of food

There's plenty of attention to style, to identity, and regression to our most primitive instinct: eating, fetishized.

On buying

An Interview With Craigslist's Notorious Google Glass Hater

I hate commodity fetishization. I don't mean that in the Marxist sense. I mean the process of deriving of pleasure from the purchase of commercial goods above and beyond the actual value or utility of the product.

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My tshirt for today

This tshirt is from a city called Weed, in the state of (where else) California. The town of Weed gets its name from the founder of the local lumber mill, Abner Weed. No sublimal messages have been hidden in the tshirt.
My tshirt for today
Cheers :-)

My humble beginnings towards my goals

The gardening bug has bitten us and we have planted a few plants in our patio. The plants have survived for a few days and I have high hopes now. These are my humble beginnings as I work towards my long term goal of becoming a farmer.

My humble beginnings towards my goals


Overheard at Victoria's Secret sale event, near a huge stack of panties, during their underwear sale event - "wow these are huge". The speaker was a woman holding up a pair.

Overhead in a TV serial - "They destroyed my roses. Eat lead, you bastards"

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