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Sun Sep 28 2008

I spent the first half of my day working on some emacs customiation. I am writing a major mode for blogging and it is a good learning experience.

In the evening I watched 2 episodes of Star Trek, the original series. The plot was thrilling and the pace was good. Captain Kirk did not need to seduce alien women to protect the Enterprise :-).

As it was a weekend, I did not go to the gym today. I was very happy with my workout on Friday and I hope I would be able to maintain my pace in the gym tomorrow too.


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  1. Saw WebloggerMode, hmm...?

    [1] -
  2. Had seen that, but I prefer muse-mode to write my blogs as it has a simpler syntax. I have extended the muse-mode to add the following functions
    - lunatech-journal-skeleton
    - lunatech-journal-show-hints
    - lunatech-journal-make-html
    - lunatech-journal-preview
  3. Is that code under free software license ? You posted the code anywhere, hmm..?
  4. Will put it into my G! code repository tonight. Was lazy in not making it public earlier

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