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lifehack idea: not getting influenced by personality

I have been thinking that sometimes personalities of the speaker affects the way I perceive his ideas. i.e. if the speaker has a pleasant personality, and presents his ideas with a calm demur, I will be more agreeable with his point of view and I will take in his evidence with an open mind. However, if the speaker is unpleasant or if he is not calm and confident while presenting his ideas, I sometimes dismiss his ideas and evidence as unworthy of my attention.

I think I might have found a workaround for this issue. Whenever I find myself strongly agreeing or strongly disagreeing with someone's ideas, I would do a "vice-versa" on the speaker's personality and see if I still agree with the evidence. What this means is, if I find myself strongly agreeing with someone, I will imagine him presenting his facts and ideas at the top of his voice or in a very shaky voice. Similarly, if I find myself strongly disagreeing with someone's ideas, I will imagine him talking in a calm manner and in a strong voice.

The idea here is to try and subtract out the effect of personalities when listening to new theories and ideas.

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touching pic from postsecret about a pet

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This image really touched me. In my mind's eye, I can see the image of a dog waiting for his end and looking around to find someone he trusts to console him and not finding him there for him. If I had a pet and if I had to euthanize him, I would have left the room too, as it would have been hard for me. However, after seeing this pic, I am sure I will not leave. I am a great believer in keeping trust and "being there" for family, friends and people who trust me. Leaving the pet alone when he is about to die would be a selfish decision and a breaking of the trust a pet has for his owner.