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Un-minimizing apps in Mac

This tip saved a lot of pain.

If the application you're switching to has windows that are minimized, you can unminimize them by holding the option key, then letting go of the Cmd key.

7 things

Thanks to Lig for tagging me. 7 things you may or may not know about me:

  • I started a company, along with my friends, after I passed out of college. We just made one sale. Our project was made using mysql-3.x and VB. The implications here are - I have worked on VB, I know how to make mysql & VB work together and I know how to generate nice reports with the VB report generator.
  • I have worked in Goa. In my opinion, Goa is the best place in India that I have ever stayed in.
  • I used to own a Bullet 350 CC motorcycle. It is a great piece of machinery and in fact, it is the only vehicle which I DON'T consider to be a part of the "Get-me-from-point-A-to-B" class
  • spo0nman referred my name to Yahoo! and he gave me the boost of confidence when I was unsure if I am good enough to be even interviewed by them.
  • When I joined Yahoo!, I had to move from Delhi to Bangalore. However, the truck transporting my household stuff was burnt on its way to Bangalore. I had to start with a clean slate.
  • I had to clear many hurdles to get married. It was a constant 2 year struggle with my family, my wife's family and random circumstances. However, the end result was well worth the struggle.
  • I sometimes cry at movies and I find those sort of movies emotionally draining.
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installing linux "these days"

I tried installing linux on my SO's (significant other) laptop today. WHAT IS WRONG WITH UBUNTU!! It takes ages to load up and the install process is resource intensive enough to make the laptop totally unresponsive. Finally installed Fedora and I am not happy with it. I will install debian for her, once I find out where to get blank CD here.

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