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surreal news headlines

"Mr Beeblebrox, sir," said the insect in awed wonder, "you're so weird you should be in movies."

"Yeah," said Zaphod patting the thing on a glittering pink wing,"and you, baby, should be in real life."

These 2 headlines are so strange, they should be in the movies. Exercise caution when clicking on the links if you are surrounded by weird people

DeGeneres, de Rossi engaged after California ruling

A few days back, the California Supreme Court overturned a ban on same-sex marriage. Just a few moments ago, I saw the news that Ellen DeGeneres and longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi are jumping at the chance to get married. However, none of these things are important. The important thing is the comments for the story on DeGeneres and de Rossi getting married. If you are too lazy to click, I will list some of them

  • The only comment I have is to READ the BIBLE and get your instruction from there. God tells you what HE thinks of same sex marriage or relationships.
  • You know... it would not be such big deal ..but it just goes against the way the Human Race was meant to be!! ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN is the way this planet run. It is a HUGE MISTAKE to let Gay Marriage be legal. It is a precedent that makes me sick. Have the life style you want but you DON'T get to be MARRIED under the law.. NO FRICKIN' WAY!!
  • That would be nice if it were actually marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman, always has been, always should be.
  • oh well to %@!*#s getting ready to get marriied go help this country when they allow queers to marry.
  • It does my heart good to see that a lot of these posts agree - gay marriage is wrong. And for those of you who think Christians are "haters" and "bigots" you are so wrong. I am a PROUD Christian and I love and forgive people for their sins. However, I do hate their sins and I do KNOW right from wrong. The only union that is blessed by God, is the union betw
  • the witch!!! gay %@!*#ot from hell. i hate gay people!!! crazy whore.
  • Wow. Scientists have done studies that show that your sexual orientation is determined by the way the chemicals in your brain are wired. IT IS NOT A CHOICE. Narrow-minded people need to realize this, and get over it.
  • Oh my gosh.. words can't even describe the disgust I feel right now. The fact that America is making gay marriage legal state by state shows me just how morally screwed up this nation is.

Now, on to the good ones (there are only a few of those)

  • I am so happy for Portia and Ellen! I wish nothing but the best for them and any other couple that plans to Marry when the law is favoring them. It is about time that everyone is aloud to marry the person they love no matter what their sex is. I respect Ellen for taking a stand and showing the world that it is ok to be a lesbian and in love.
  • de rossi lucky you...Ellen is just fun to be with and you will laugh all thru your life uhmmmmmm..
  • Aww. Congrats Ellen & Portia.
  • Thank you Ellen for having the courage to marry another woman.You were so brave for announcing your lesbianism on television.It was equally courageous that you rid yourself of that traitor, pseudo-gay, Anne Heche.Hopefully, you'll be as happy as Rosie O'Donnell, and have the same maternal instincts when you and your, whatever you feel comfortable being called
  • Good for them and for Gay and Lesbians everywhere that will have an opportunity to have the same rights as us. God some of them have been together then most heterosexuals. We shouldn't be judging them, who cares what they do in their bedroom!!! If they love each other, take care of one another and are not doing harm to anyone ...they should have this right!!!

What can you do

instant feedback for faster leaning

Insightful comment by Google's Marissa Mayer

Instant feedback enables a faster learning curve. She mentioned digital photography and Wikipedia as examples of how instant gratification helps drive people to become expert users faster. "If you have each transaction take less time, you have expert users more satisfied. You want lots of small and fast interactions if speed is important," she added.