lunatechian (lunatech-ian)

one relating to, belonging to, or resembling lunatech

summary of 3 weeks of my life

I have been in Sunnyvale, California since the 17th of April. The work, traveling and shopping have kept me pretty busy.

USA is an experience. I think it is a great country with absolutely brilliant people. The flickr stream of my pictures will give you an idea of all the weird and cool stuff this place has.

two thought experiments

here is a thought experiment to keep yourself entertained.

Imagine how our world would look like if our reality was only two dimensional, instead of being three dimensional

I tried this thought experiment while driving to the office. Imagine what a road and the traffic would look like if things would exist only in two dimensions. It would mean that vehicles would not be able to travel next to each other - they would travel in a single file. How would a car look like in 2D ? That will be a hard question to answer. I can imagine two wheelers in 2D.

Next comes the question of what type of houses would we be living in ? I would say that we would have them in single file too. The rooms would be next to one another, something like what we see in stick figure drawings. How would be mark out fences in such a world.

I imagine that the world would look like a stick drawing. I can imagine thin people in that world, but how would the fat ones look like. Since there would be no 'sides' to expand to, they would grow in the front.

Here is another thought experiment to try

If our reality exists in 3D, but we are able to only perceive in 2D, what would our world look like So, think what if we could not perceive depth - only the XY axis.

There are no 'moral of the story' in these thought experiments - they are means to keep yourself entertained.

much ado about nothing

If you follow the top 100 blogs, you might be aware of the blogbullies getting too much attention. I had followed the story with mild interest and I think that this penny arcade comics captures exactly what I think about the whole incident.

what if analysis

Seen on a mailing list

User1 says : "Every project has its central figures. What if Ballmer got hit by a bus?"
User2 says : "Would the bus be drivable? Would any passengers get hurt?"
User3 says : "Can we ... umm set this up to happen? I'd even be willing to sacrifice a bus-load or more of lawyers and two or more buses. "
User4 says : "I object! Would be a real shame to do this to an innocent bus... Would be a good use for a scraped tank or submarine, though. 8-)"

car incident in Bangalore

I had always considered Bangalore to be a safe city. There have been communal tensions in the city, however by and large, I still think Bangalore to be much safer than Delhi.

There seems to be a gang of thieves operating in Bangalore these days and this Saturday one of my good friends was a victim. My friend, Rajiv, had parked his car in the Defense Colony locality, near the 100 Feet Road. This is where the Cafe Coffee Day of the 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar is located. We were away from the car for around 2 hours and when we came back, we saw that someone has smashed one of the windows of the car and made away with Rajiv's fiancee's purse.

Luckily, her debit card did not have much fund and she was not carrying much cash. Unluckily, her PAN card and her driving license were in the purse. This had her particularly worried as the amount of paperwork to get a duplicate copy of these documents is huge. We went to register a FIR with the Indiranagar police station (side note: in case you need to get a complaint lodged about any law and order incident in the 100 feet road, you have to go to the Indiranagar police station and not the Jeevanbeema Nagar police station.)

The policemen there registered a FIR but they were bleak about our chances of finding the purse. They informed us that the 100 Feet road was notorious for this sort of crime and they register 10 cases per day. Their advice to us was not to leave the laptop and purse in the car. It was already past midnight by the time we got the FIR lodged. We went back to Rajiv's place and I crashed out there for the night.

The next morning however brought us some good news. One of the residents of that locality had found her purse near his house. Her resume was inside the purse and he used the phone number mentioned in it to call her up. She got all her documents back, but she did not see any of the cash. We all were quite relived.

That ends the reporting about my daily life.

enlightening thought

I had a enlightening thought in the early hours of the 28th of March.

create art that is so good that it brings tears of joy to your eyes.