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one relating to, belonging to, or resembling lunatech

Reevaluating life suckage

Some months back, I had written down a list of the areas my life sucked. Here is the status on those things again

  • Health - Getting better. Instead of just whining about how I was getting fat, I am taking steps to reduce weight.
  • Volunteer work - I am not still satisfied with this. I am a lurker on many lists and irc channels instead of being an active participant. I need to think of ways to change this maybe just concentrate on just a few projects.
  • Book reading - I am more than happy about this :-) . My book collection has expanded a lot, to include fantasy and non-fiction books. More importantly, I have read most of the books in my collection.
  • Hacking - Not enough hacking. There should be someway in which I can club my hacking and volunteer work together.
  • Fun - One of my good friends has moved to Bangalore and I can now hang out with him instead of cribbing about how much Bangalore sucks

short attention span

A good thing about having a short, but intense attention span is that I can work on many interesting things at once. It also means that I can sometimes concentrate only on the unhappy (or more precisely, worrisome) parts of my life with all intensity, making those 15 minutes quite depressing. Luckily, there are not many unhappy episodes that I have to dwell on, but this is something that I should watch out for.

One life - live it.
— Seen on someone's t-shirt

wine gets better age ?

Today was my third day at the gym. I can see that going to the gym has become a part of my routine now and I don't have to make any mental effort to motivate myself to go there. There is one good thing about getting older (FYI, I am 27 now), it is quite easy to discipline myself. The process of getting into a new habit requires deciding that I want to do it, finding a good enough time slot for it and doing it. I was able to transform my habit of reaching at lunch time at the office to reaching at 9 AM just by deciding that I wanted to do it and then doing it. I can feel the difference from my college days, when I would make all kinds of excuses for not doing something.

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