lunatechian (lunatech-ian)

one relating to, belonging to, or resembling lunatech

2 in 1 search

One of my colleagues pointed out that my bio page was pointing to "the other search engine" :-) . When I was searching for a method to compare the results of both the search engines, I came across this comparison site. Which in turn prompted me to write something similar to it. Now all the mentions of the other search engine are gone. Instead I now have my own 2 in 1 search engine. The code for this lies here (of course, the code is in public domain). I am thinking of adding a few more hacks into it (like Internet keywords) and making it into my home page. Hack idea one - add a keyword "news" and then instead of going to and, go to and .

While writing the "2 in 1" I also found out that my grasp of frames was very weak :-( . The other thing I found was that you could download the HTML specs as a zipped file, stick it in the documentroot of your webserver and you have the HTML spec at easy reach. Very well written document with nice and clear examples.