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sending a geek on a guilt trip

One of the methods used by normal humans to send other (normal humans) on the "guilt trip" is to use the cliche "every time you do THIS or THAT god kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens..." For an even bigger guilt-trip, you can use "every time you do THIS , somewhere a kitten gets run over by a Monster truck. given not ten minutes ago to the five year old girl standing by the side of the road, spattered, red, and crying as she fumbles with her inhaler" (Thanks to Brian Bilbrey, member of The Answer Gang for the picturesque description )

Frankly, the whole killing of the kitten part leaves me rather unmoved. Having lots of free time on my hand lately, I thought of things that would send me on a guilt trip.

  • every time you do THAT, your email id gets harvested by Mr. Joseph Adisa of Lagos, Nigeria
  • every time you do THAT, Microsoft issues ten critical updates
  • every time you do THAT, some clueless bastard says "Linux has less viruses because it is less popular " (my veins are throbbing just writing this)
  • every time you do THAT, some luser says "IE is better than Firefox since IE supports advanced features like ActiveX"
  • every time you do THAT, someone starts building a new Linux distro
I know I am not normal :-)

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