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copy paste job

Yesterday while chatting on IRC, one of the participants pointed to the Reliance's "Acceptable user Policy (AUP)" (sic!). You can find a copy here. Interestingly, the Reliance's AUP is a copy and paste job of UKFast's AUP. Of course, not the whole thing is a ditto copy, let it be known that Reliance is not an amateur. It has added one line in the end listing the ports it has blocked and replaced all instances of UKFast with Reliance.

This reminds me of an argument I had with one of my friends a few months back. We were going through some flyers that one of our clients had sent us (we were to create some web content based on the flyers). I pointed out a few grammatical errors in the flyer but my friend said ,"The people who made these are professionals, getting paid more than you to write these. Don't you think you are the one who is wrong ? " (of course, this is slightly paraphrased). This just goes to prove my point, "Incompetence and laziness is not a forte of only small companies".

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