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why code maintainance sucks

I have had to work on updating someone else's code for a few days now. The code was a headache to read because

  • It was not formatted to conform to my coding standard ... in fact it did not conform to any coding standards.
  • There was no version control ... oh wait, yes there was version control. It was version control by commenting out unwanted code. So I had to scroll through screenfuls to commented out code. I must take a moment to thank the programmers of Anjuta IDE, which helped me a lot a with their excellent syntax highlighting. Here is how you delete code.
  • Did I say there was no version control. There was a version control system. It looked almost like this
  • There was no comments.
  • There were spelling mistakes in variable names
  • PHP code and HTML were mixed
  • there was more .. i have forgotten it.

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