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build your own base debian docker image

This is for somewhat paranoid people. I am not a fan of grabbing docker images from docker hub, especially for base OS images. I would rather build my own images, the process is not too complex. Below is the quick way to get a base debian os container build:
sudo apt-get install debootstrap
sudo debootstrap jessie jessie/
sudo sh  -c "cd jessie/ && tar cf ../jessie.tar ."
sudo sh -c "docker import - debootstrap/jessie < jessie.tar"
Now you can check if you have the images:
$ sudo docker images

REPOSITORY              TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
debootstrap/jessie      latest              814d88e17a23        15 minutes ago      274MB

$ sudo docker run -i -t debootstrap/jessie /bin/bash
root@92d078f4f147:/# lsblk ^C


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