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converting text files to images

This question came up in one of the mailing lists I am on -

I want to take something which is an .html file, and turn it into an image. How do I do it?

Yes, you can take a text file and convert it into an image. Please put your hand together for the swiss army knife for image manipulation - Imagemagick.

You can use the convert command (part of imagemagick package) to do this. For example, I want to convert the file mysig.txt into an image. Here is how to do it label:@mysig.txt ~/dump/mysig.png ''

For more tips on how to control the colors, font etc., check out the excellent tutorial at


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    • Posted bydda
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    Didn't the original poster of the question meant he wanted to do the equivalent of a screenshot of the html page, once rendered...? I wonder...

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