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Hyperlinks with LaTeX

I am big fan of Texinfo for writing articles or any other documentations work (yes, I do sometimes try to write the specification document). For a few weeks now, I have been trying to learn LaTeX, sice it can be used to typeset good quality presentation slides and letters too.

A problem that I faced when writing the articles in LaTeX was on how to make a hyperlink to a webpage. I was using latex2html to convert the latex file to HTML format. LaTeX comes with a hyperref package which can be used to create links. It has a \href command which can be used to create hyperlinks, but the links did not come out in the HTML page. I found that this was a known problem with hyperref and latex2html. However, the solution, as I found out, is much easier. The command to use is \htmladdnormallink{link text}{universal resource locator} You have to include the package html in your document to use it

The text of this article can be downloaded from our
\htmladdnormallink{web site}{}.

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    • Posted byTeju
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    Whew maan... how do you manage to learn so many things?? I guess i will have to take a flight to delhi, take you blessings, touch your feet and come back and start my business..
  1. When you launch your company, I will be in Hyderabad ... even though Hyd features no hot chicks ;-)

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