lunatechian (lunatech-ian)

one relating to, belonging to, or resembling lunatech

word of the day: proscribe

Proscribe: to denounce or condemn (a thing) as dangerous or harmful; prohibit.

This word seems closely related to the word Prescribe, but I could not find any source which would mark proscribe as the antonym of proscribe.

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This is a recommendation for my fellow geeks who enjoy sci-fi series. You should check out Sliders. The premise of the story is that a college genius invents a machine that gives him the ability to travel between dimensions. There are infinite number of worlds and there are an infinite number of story-lines to go with it. With his friend Wade Wells and Professor Arturo, Quinn (the college genius) decide to take a spin round the universe and due to some accidents, they are not able to get back to their home.

We see universes where alternate outcomes to world changing events have happened and things are different from what they are "back home". The pilot episode deals with the possibility where communist ideology has won the cold war.

One of the episodes that I enjoyed was "Eggheads". This is a world where intellect is prized and nerds are heroes. You have billboard of Einstein modeling for Gap in khakis, and a sports guide written by Stephen Hawking. The best part of this episode were the "bad guys", who threatened using Latin phrases!

I am still on Season 2 (netflix disk 1). Go check it out.

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