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Hora Thatch - Day 3

I got up early at 0500 (to avoid the loo-rush :-D ). However, I got another treat (besides an empty loo) - the sight of sun rising over the Himalayan peaks. This is really a sight to behold. Luckily, there was only one other guy awake at that time and both of us enjoyed the sight without saying a word.

Our next camp was Hora Thatch. We left at around 0800 after breakfast. The climb was steep, but the scenery was beautiful. The route was through a jungle. While on our way there, we had to face some rain. It was then that I discovered that my rain sheet was too small. Luckily, one of the guys had an extra rain sheet and he loaned it to me for the entire trek.

We reached the Hora Thatch camp by 1600. I think this was the most beautiful camp - it was situated right in the midst of the jungle. The rain had started pouring just as I reached the camp and I quickly got into my tent.

After the rains subsided, the camp leader welcomed us and told us where we could find water. then he pointed to his left and said "For your nature calls, go at least 200 meters away from the camp. Don't go to the other side, as that is for the girls". So, from that point onwards, we had officially left civilization behind.

There was a canteen at the camp and the guy had a fire going beside it. It was quite cold at that altitude and all of us made a beeline for the fire. Speaking of cold, the water at that camp was freezing. It was the water which came directly from the melting ice. It was only by putting my mind over the pain was I able to wash my hand and face in that water. Most people refrained from touching the water, instead using tissue paper to clean their plates and their faces. We had dinner and I went to sleep in my tent. However, before going to sleep, I took a bottle of water and kept it with me, so that it would be easier to use it in the morning.

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