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Howto become a Linux sysadmin

Quite a few college students have queried me on how they can become a Linux sysadmin. This prompted me to put up a list that anyone in a college currently can follow to get the required skills to become a sysadmin. Hopefully this list should reduce the amount of words that I need to type.

Disclaimer: I am writing from my experience, and as always, your mileage may vary

BLUG - whatever happened to it

Back in Delhi, we had a very good Linux User Group (LUG). When I came to Bangalore, I had expected the LUG here to be even more active. However, I was very disappointed - the BLUG had been dissolved and replaced by totally listless BoF (beards of feathers) meets. Kingsly has posted a good summary about the state of affairs. Seems like too much politics was involved.

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