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Who is a slacker ?

This is a work in progress

My email sig prouldy proclaims that I am a "DBA, programmer and slacker". Most people assume that I am a Slackware user (I am not, I prefer Ubuntu ). In worst case, some assume I am a lazy bum.

Slackers are not lazy. A good slacker knows how to do just the optimum amount of work. This is a hard line to draw. For example, if I have to replace some text in a file, I will use a sed one-liner to do the replacement, rather than using a text editor to do a search-and-replace. The first time I do this, I will take more time than the guy using a text editor, since I will have to read the manual and do a bit of fiddling around. However, the sed method is more sclable - when the time comes for replacing text in 5 files, I will have to just modify my one-line script. However, most people who will see me reading the manual and fiddling with the one liner the first time will definately think - "This guy is wasting his time". Being a slacker is the reason why I put up my website. I noticed that on the mailing list and IRC there are some questions that are asked more than the others. So I started documenting my answers in my Wiki. Next time someone asked the same question, I had to point out a single webpage instead of typing in a whole (gasp!) email

Some people think that being a slacker means "doing the least possible in the workplace". I think a true slacker applies slacker-techniques to all parts of his life.