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M$ developing a sense of humour ?

Today I was looking at the MSN sandbox to download Lookout Email Search Tool. Lookout has been receiving quite good review for searching your Outlook mailbox. Here is how it was described

You can use Lookout to search your:
  • Email messages
  • Contacts
  • [snip]
  • ... Very soul (okay, not true)
ery uncharacteristic of M$, usually the element of play is missing in their site. If you go visiting, have a look at their new search . It gives quite good result. Not sure how much of their algorithm will be implemented in the final release... it is good till it lasts.

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back with new website

Been absent for almost 10 days now. Well do not write me off as yet. Been spending my time writing code, troubleshooting and generally beng lazy. I bought the domain name and have put up a website on it. :smile: I have also put up a blog at my new site, at, using the excellent wordpress tool. You can syndicate my blog now.

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