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emacs registers

If you have not heard about emacs registers, you are missing a very powerful tool in your arsenal. Think of registers as "clipboard" on steroids. I had been using registers to store text -i.e. C-x r s a to copy region into register "a" and C-x r i a to insert text from register "a".

Today, while reading the newsgroup, I came to know that you could save your current (emacs)frames layout to the register and then restore it back again.

  • `C-x r w R' Save the state of the selected frame's windows in register R (`window-configuration-to-register').
  • `C-x r j R' restore a window or frame configuration stored in register R.

Here is the email where I saw this.

Re: how to keep/restore my view and mode?

On 20 Sep 2006 22:23:54 -0700 Leo Hou wrote:

> Dear all, > > I am not sure if I am using the right term of "view" and "mode". My > problem is as follows: > > I am using C-x 3 and "follow-mode" to view my source code. Every time I > compile, the other column becomes the result of make. I need to use a > lot of keys to switch it back to normal: C-x o; C-x k; C-x o; M-x > follow-mode > Is there a better way?

C-x r w <some letter or number> to store a window layout and C-x r j <the same number or letter> to restore it. And there is no need to kill the compilation buffer. It gets reused anyway.


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