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Doc's Apachecon notes

Originally posted Sun, 23 Nov 2003

Doc Searls has posted his notes on Apachecon in his SuitWatch - November 20 (link gone, check the page on ). Though his newsletter does not cover the technical (read juicy) details iscussed at the con, he has included a list of blogs which have discussed Apachecon in full.

He has an interesting quote in his newsletter about Microsoft.

consider what Don Norman once said "Microsoft is a conversational black hole. Drop the subject into the middle of a room and it sucks everybody into a useless place from which no light can escape."
I totally agree with him on that. I have spent countless hours discussing Microsoft with my friends on what s wrong with them. Too much bandwidth has been spent on discussing Microsoft. One day I finally decided that the moment someone mentions Microsoft, I will go into IGNORE THE POOR FELLOW MODE.

However at Apachecon, Microsoft had no mass there.

Yet Microsoft has no mass here. It's more like a literal black hole--a subject that doesn't come up. When it does, it fizzles pretty fast. Here's one conversation I overheard:
"Did you hear anything about Bill Gates' speech on Sunday?"
That was it. End of discussion.

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