Trying out MySQL5 without clobbering your MySQL4 installation

MySQL5 has come out with a bunch of new features. If you want to try out the features of MySQL5 without clobbering your MySQL4, here is the way you can do it.


Search Google from command line

As I had pointer out in my previous entry, I had not been able to search google from within my emacs environment. Hence the "need" to write a command line script which I would be able to call from within emacs

The code is not the best I have written and any decent Python programmer would be able to make more improvements to it. If you do something clever with the code, it would be very kind of you to let me know about it too (raj at

You need to have Pygoogle module installed. In its unaltered form, the script will require Python2.3 to run. However, if you remove the #--ugly hack part (see the comments in the code), it will run with Python2.2 too.


mass renaming scripts

This page contains renaming scripts that I usually find useful


Duff's Device

Duff used this piece to speed up a loop that copied an array of shorts in a real time animation program that was running about half as slow as it should have.


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