export your firefox keyword to conkeror webjump

I have been using conkeror browser more and more for my browsing needs these days. One of the things that I used in my Firefox browser were the "keyword searches". Conkeror has webjumps which are equivalent to Firefox's keyword searches. I was looking for a way to export my Firefox keyword searches to conkeror's webjums. This is what I came up with


Howto become a Linux sysadmin

One of the FAQs that I get is "How can I become a Linux system administrator". I got into sysadmin by mistake and learnt things the hard way i.e. by making mistakes. I do not know of any college courses that train people to be a sysadmin. There are private coaching centers that promise to train people to become a certified RedHat or Novell system administrator, but frankly I am wary of their capabilities. The main reason for my caution against these private institutes is the quality of the teachers there - anyone who is a good sysadmin will usually get picked up in the job market in a jiffy.


adding a "Now playing SONG_TITLE" to your emails

Someone once posed a question a on a mailing list I am on. He wanted to add a line at the end of his emails telling about what song was currently playing on his XMMS. Something like "Currently listening to Nirvana -  Smells like the teen spirit". This is what I did


Notes on intalling a new window manager on RedHat

When I installed the Fluxbox window manager(WM), a very nice and lightweight WM. I had to do some digging around on the Internet and startup script files to get Fluxbox as an option in the GDM (the login box, where you have the option to start either the GNOME, KDE or the Failsafe session)

Here is how it is done


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