Open Source Software or Free Software

In his essay describing why people should use the term "open source" instead of "free software", ESR says that the term "free software" is ambiguous. Specifically, the term Free Software can be interpreted as "Software you can get for zero price". Unluckily, this is a bug in the English language itself. In Hindi, we have the words "Mukt" or "azad" which accurately describes the spirit of the Free Software.


GPL-Virus Or Vaccine

A common refrain that I keep hearing on the mailing lists and the websites is how the GNU General Public License (, henceforth referred to as GPL, is viral. Microsoft, SCO and clueless marketing drones have added their share of fuel to this smear campaign, making companies and managers wary of choosing GPL licensed products. A virus is a parasitic microorganism that can make humans or computers sick; comparing anything with a virus is a nasty accusation. Usually the accusers provide no justifications on why has not tried to justify this accusation. Let us therefore try to investigate whether the GPL is really like a virus.


My Tryst with Freedom

My Tryst with Freedom is an essay explaining why I shifted from using proprietary software to Free Software. It started out as I set out to explain to myself why free software is The Right Thing but became Yet Another Advocacy Rant for free software. And I am proud of it.


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