My list of Firefox extensions

I am quite a power user of Firefox. I keep digging out esoteric extensions and have finally found a good mix of extesnions that allow me to surf in peace. Here is the list of Firefox extensions that I use.

Operating System: Linux (x86-gcc3)
Total number of items: 17

  1. Adblock Plus
    Ads were yesterday! Very nicely blocks out most of the ads. Don't surf the web without it.
  2. Flashblock 1.5.2
    Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them. It is able to stop most of the flash ads.
  3. Greasemonkey
    A User Script Manager for Firefox. web browsing tailored to your needs.
  4. 1.2
    Keep, share and discover all your favorite things. If you use even once a day, you will appreciate its usefulness
  5. Fotofox
    Upload pictures to your preferred photo sharing services. Best damn Flickr uploader for Linux that I have used
  6. Firebug 1.01
    Web Development Evolved. If you are a web dev and you don't have it already, get it NOW.
  7. Mozex 1.9.5
    External commands integration. This project had died down, but it is active again now. You can use this extension to edit textarea in your favorite editor (imagine editing wiki pages inside emacs), define custom handlers for mail, ssh and irc.
  8. NoScript
    Extra protection for your Firefox: NoScript allows JavaScript, Java (and other plugins) only for trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your home-banking web site). This whitelist based pre-emptive blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even unknown!) with no loss of functionality... Experts will agree: Firefox is really safer with NoScript :-)
  9. user agent switcher 0.6.9
    adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser. useful in sites which rely oon user agent sniffing :-)
  10. Web Developer 1.1.3
    Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
  11. Tab Mix Plus
    Tab browsing with an added boost.
  12. DOM Inspector
    Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents. Comes in bundled with the Firefox setup. Useful if you are a web dev
  13. Colorful Tabs 2.0.1
    Colorful Tabs colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appeal of the interface.
  14. Extension List Dumper 1.8.0
    Dumps a list of the installed extensions. I used this to generate this list :-).
  15. FormFox 1.6
    Pops up form action when submit button is about to be clicked.
  16. PDF Download 0.7.9
    Allows to choose what you want to do with a PDF file: download it, view it with an external viewer or view it as HTML! Moderately useful.
  17. Talkback
    Sends information about program crashes to Mozilla.

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